Setting Up Your Cute Self Watering Plant by Tegan Seymour

Once you’ve picked an adorable little self watering planter, I’ve got my Piggy with his backpack on, ready to go. Grab a glass, or a jar that you can fill with water and hook your animal over.

 Your planter kit will include the animal, a tiny packet of seeds, and a small soil pellet. Place the soil pellet into a small bowl. The soil pellet is wrapped in a kind of mesh bag, you want to have the open part facing upwards, so no soil will fall out the bottom!

 Pour a small amount of water on your soil pellet and watch it expand like magic! Once it has puffed up into a chubby little cylinder shape it is done!

Make sure that in your backpack, there is a tiny piece of rope poking in, as that is how the water will get to your plant. Open the bag and squeeze as much soil as you need into your little animals backpack or wherever the plant will go. Poke it until it’s packed in nice and firm.

Now it’s time for the seeds! Dig a mini hole for your seeds in the top of the dirt. You can use your finger, or a popsicle stick, even the skinny end of a teaspoon handle. Pour a few tiny seeds into the hole. You can do as many or as little as you like, and keep the leftover seeds for another time!

Cover up the seeds with the soil and pat it down neatly. You’re almost ready to go, the final step is filling your glass with water. It needs to cover a fair way up the straw so that your animal can really easily drink it up to water your plant. There you have it! Now you just have to wait until little seedlings start popping out of the top! Don’t forget to refill the water if it gets too low, or is underneath the straw. Happy Planting!

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January 04, 2023

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