Creating a Cute & Productive Workspace by Tegan Seymour

Whether you’re at school or college, or just like spending a lot of time on the internet (like me!) it’s

nice to have a tidy and attractive study area to get all of your work done in. Being in an organised

space helps keep you focused on the task at hand, and if your study is cute to boot, you’ll want to

spend even more time in there!


I’ve put together a little guide on decorating your workspace, so you can see how I have set up

mine, and maybe get some ideas to create your own!

Start off with a blank slate, your computer, laptop, or just empty desk! Make sure your desktop is

nice and clean too. I’ve also decided to go with the colour scheme white and gold with my

decorating today, so all my accessories will match. You don’t have to have a colour style to go with

but it can help to make everything look uniform. It also makes it easier when you’re picking things


Next I added some of my main necessities. I’ve got a sweet gold and white lamp and little timber

drawer set from IKEA. I now can do plenty of my work during the night, and I have extra nearby

storage space for things like USBs and other stationary. I also added a gold pen cup to hold my

most commonly used pens, pencils and scissors.

I went ahead and added the last few items that I really needed. I picked out my Smoko Toaster

USB hub which is both adorable and super handy to have, as well as my two Toast USBs. I put

down a mousepad with a wolf on it, so that my mouse will both glide easily and not scratch the

desk. Finally a matching notebook in white with gold dots so that I have somewhere to jot down

any notes or ideas I may have.

The fun and final touches are all decorative! There’s a greeting card on top of the storage drawers

that say “You’re the bee’s knees” in gold that I picked up whilst on vacation in the US. Next to it is

my little cactus in a gold and white geometric vase. Succulents and cacti are a great addition to

your desk, and different types of plants can help cleanse the air. Meaning you can breathe easier


while you’re cooped up inside. My final and favourite piece on the desk is Uni my Unicorn ambient

light! He is both a lovely ornament and a bright desk light. This little cutie packs a punch, giving off

a lot more light than you would guess just looking at him. He matches all my decor and is useful for

late nights when I don’t want to use my lamp.

So there you have it! I always get a lot of compliments on my workspace and it’s really not hard to

set up a lovely one. You’ve just got to pick the right pieces and keep it tidy!

Here are a few more items that would look great in any workspace!

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December 13, 2022

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