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About Us

We’re a Los Angeles based company who partnered with designers from the top design schools, ranging from Pasadena Art Center to Rhode Island School of Design.

We also happen to be the best USB warmer company. USB Toast Hand warmers are the very first product that was designed by Smoko Inc. The first prototype were made for a lady who complaints her constant freezing hand while working in the office. The prototypes then have been refined to the design that you see today. 

That being said, it was sold out quickly in every store which inspired us to make more products to “bringing fun to your work place”. We try to out do ourselves every year by bringing awesome products live to public.

Nothing is more important to us than bringing fun to our customer through a good design.

What People Are Saying

“I just got these today and I love them! They are super comfortable and lightweight! They instantly start heating up as soon as you plug them in to your computer!”

“these are my favorite thing i’ve ordered off of modcloth so far.They warm up my forever cold feet and they are adorable”

“Cute. Awesome. Hilarious. Never knew I needed it till I saw them.”

“Love these! They heat up instantly and are the perfect gift for the winter season! :) ”

“These kept my hands toasty and roasty!”

“I love these! Got them as a birthday gift (actually almost a year ago) and they are perfect for the office! I do a lot more clicking than I do typing, so they design of them doesn’t get in the way. I am not sure if more typing would be a problem with the little toasts on. Like many office folk, my CPU is under my desk, so I was a bit concerned that the cord wouldn’t reach, but the cord was indeed long enough. Let the angels sing. I’ve got to say, I am the type of person who needs an extra sweater and scarf at the office, but with these cute little hand warmers I find that I don’t need to bundle up at all. If you’ve got a person to buy a gift for, I would recommend these bad boys!”

“got this for my sister for XMAS….she thought it was really really good. we tested the warm factor and it actually got really warm and toasty :) ”

“I got these as a gift for a bunch of my friends and they can’t stop telling me how much they love them & how they keep their hands warm in the chilly winter months.”

“Nice and cozy – the toasties are much softer and plushier than I thought they’d be.”

“These hand warmers are absolutely adorable! I got a pair for myself and for my best friend, and we absolutely love them! Mine work fantastically as I sit by a very drafty window away from any heating vents :) ”

“Awesome! work great, and my Girlfriend doesn’t get “mouse hypothermia”"X