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About Us

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Cold hands. Warm heart.

Would you believe that it all started with two little USB handwarmers shaped like the cutest toast you’ve ever seen? Well, it did. Our very first product was created for a former co-worker with a set of pretty chilly digits and a whimsical sense of humor.

And that was the beginning of Smoko. Those totally cute and practical toasties are still one of our best sellers.

Now we partner with top designers from art & design schools across the country. From the Pasadena Art Center, not far from our home base of Los Angeles, to the Rhode Island School of Design… We work with some of the best (and quirkiest) emerging designers around to bring you extra un-boring products for your office and home.

Because who says being an adult has to be a Unicorn Free Zone?


But what IS a Smoko? Am I going to get arrested?

Smoko is Aussie slang for a short break from the daily grind of work. A little moment away from the keyboard and the cubicle just to be yourself, stretch your legs and your mind. We all need them. At Smoko, we believe that work and whimsy aren’t mutually exclusive, so we create products that encourage you to bring a little fun into your work week.