Crisp Toast

Hi, My name is Crisp Toast

Who likes squishy untoasted bread that sticks to the roof of your mouth? I certainly don't. That's why every one loves their bread crispy like me.

It just odd to me why some people say they don't like me but 8 out of 10 times when you are making toast you are going to get me. I'm just that irresistible. Here are some fun facts about me that you probably didn't know.

The perfect toast

People don't know it but if you start with a thick slice of me. Scrape off the burnt part and you'll get the perfect toast inside and out.

What's a salad with out me?

Chop me up into cubes, toast me and I magically become croutons. Can you imagine a crouton-less world of salads? I can't and I don't want to.

Breaded dishes starts with me.

Crisp toast how many breaded foods are made, chicken parmesan, breaded pork chops, baked breaded cod, I can turn your favorite foods into something tasty crispy. I'm made to burn so that your precious meats don't burn, that's the sacrifice I make for you.

I got the muscle you need.

All I have to say is bruschetta. Some of the favorite appetizers in the world are served on me. Why? Because none of the other toast can hold up like I can. I was made to carry all those sweet diced vegetables, or prociutto or caprese.  Even baked crab meat or shrimp would fall apart in the oven if it weren't for this firm body.

Fertilize your garden.

Crisp toast can make great fertilizer, just crumble me up and spread me over your vegetable bed and watch it grow.

Feed your neighborhood birds.

What would your friendly neighborhood pigeons eat if it weren't for me? I'm a staple in their diet that provides their much needed nutrition to create that wonderful art you see on your cars everyday. The pigeons thank me so should you... You're welcome.

I hope you were able to learn more about me and how Crisp Toast is way more useful than you could have ever imagined. It's the little things I say so don't forget that you made me this way. hehehe.