Butta Toast

Hi, My name is Butta Toast

I think we can all agree I'm everyone's favorite toast, after all I taste the best, I'm how every nearly restaurant in the world serves their toast and I melt in your mouth.

It's true that everyone else is just toast but I'm toast plus a little extra. It's just simply impossible to deny that I'm super cute and irresistible. The minute you see me you just want to eat me up. Here are some other facts about me that you might not have known.

The buttered toast phenomenon

Yes I'm a phenomenon, it's true. it's a scientifically proven fact that if toast that is buttered falls, it usually lands on the buttered side. This is because people usually hold the buttered side up and as I fall from average table height, the weight of the butter will cause me to rotate just enough to land buttered side down. This is caused by fundamental physics constants. Seriously, look it up.

Healthier than you think

Buttered toast has none of the artificial trans fats (associated with the "bad" cholesterol) you get in margarine. If it's from grass-fed cows' milk. It also has CLAs, and equal amounts of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. So don't worry eat me up. Just stay away from my cousin Marga Toast, she gets so jelly.

Color is good, see?

The more yellow butter usually means the more Carotene that the cow got from eating hay and greens which is a wonderful thing because carotene helps with your eyesight, see? So if you bread is bright and yellow and slathered in butter like me, then it's going to make your eyes healthier.

Thanks to India

Did you know that India is the largest producer of butter? It could be because cows are sacred there so they take good care of them and Ghee, a kind of clarified butter, is an important ingredient in Indian cuisine. So we should all think the Indians for continuing to make me so yummy.

Let me make your boo boo better

If you accidentally burnt your toast like my brother Crisp Toast, don't worry a little butter will make it all better. Just a little butter and he can be almost as good as me, well not perfect like me but at least he's trying.

I hope you were able to learn more about me and how everyone just love me and adores me and can barely go a day with out me. Aren't I just the coolest... I mean the warmest.