Luxe Velvet Eye Mask - Block Out the Haters

Bedtime is me-time, and that means there’s no room for any of that negative energy that sometimes tries to bounce around when the lights go off. Let your inner GIRL POWER glow, and this plush eye mask will block out everything else.

The Basics:

  • Designed in Brooklyn by 41 Winks.
  • Sewn in PA.
  • 100% cotton sateen.
  • Light-absorbing polyester batting.
  • Hand-wash recommended.

#THEEXTRAWINK: 41 Winks donates 4.1% of profits from each product purchased from their GIRL POWER Eye Mask Collection to the amazing non-profit, I AM THAT GIRL. I AM THAT GIRL is dedicated to fostering self-love, purpose and a sense of community for young girls.

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