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Bucket of Doom

  • Have you ever found yourself locked in the boot of an angry mobster's limo, mere seconds from being cubed by a car-crusher, with only a tin of Alphabetti Spaghetti® and some nipple tassels to free yourself? These are exactly the kind of spectacularly bad scenarios that you're likely to encounter in Bucket of Doom.

  • -Card game meets storytelling with a sprinkling of black comedy
    -Escape from doom-laden scenarios with completely useless objects
    -Can you convince everyone that your daring escape plan is sound?
    -Monumental pink bucket packaging
    -Another instant classic from the creators of Linkee
    • First you read out one of the 'Doom' cards, for example:
      • You bungee jump off the Clifton Suspension Bridge. In mid-air you notice the rope is far too long
      • The car you and your spouse are driving conks out in a secluded lay-by. Aggressive doggers pound at the windows
      • Gangsters have forced you to smuggle drugs through Singapore airport and you've been busted with 2kgs up your bottom
      Next you look at the 8 'Useless Objects' cards at your disposal and take turns to reveal your elaborate escape plans. These objects could be anything from a 'Prize-Winning Marrow' or 'Toilet Brush' to a 'Barry White CD' or 'Double-F Breast Implants'. But which do you choose?! And can you convince your fellow players that your daring scheme is watertight?
    • 70 doom-laden scenarios
    • 200 completely useless objects
    • Games last between half an hour, and all night long
    • Monumental pink bucket packaging

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