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Oliver Cat Heated Slippers

  • Exclusive on Amazon only

  • https://www.amazon.com/Smoko-Feline-Warmers-Wireless-Slippers/dp/B07GRDNJZB

  • I mean, sure, you could just put socks on...Orr you could slip your cold footsies into these rad kitty slippers and have purr-fectly warm toes in seconds. Oliver heats up via USB or, if you are a "no strings attached" kinda person, you can go wireless. One Size fits most, up to women size 12.  Oliver is a Scotty shorthair cat.


    • USB Version:
    • Use as a foot-warmer when attached to USB.
    • Dimensions: Each slipper measures 12x5", cord length 57"
    • One size fits most (between US women size 5~12)
    • Weight: Approx. 5 oz each
    • Material: Cozy Cotton and Polyester, imported
    • Exclusive, SMOKO product.
    • Wireless Version:
    • Plug in to USB port to heat, detach to walk around

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