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Toast USB Wired Handwarmers

  • USB Toast Handwarmers are squishy and adorable, but the genius is when you plug them into the nearest USB ports and switch them on. In just a few moments, your hands will be wonderfully toasty. And yes, you CAN type while wearing them. Get your own toasty warm hands and conquer your always-freezing office with adorable plush foodstuff.

  • Go wireless?

    • Adjustable strap lets you get them as snug as you like
    • Set your level of warmth to low or high
    • Plug into your USB port and they get toasty quickly
    • Strap some toast to your hands to keep them toasty warm
    • Note: While totally adorable, these are not suitable for children under 6.
    • Addendum: Sadly, not edible.
    • Size: One size fits most hands
    • Dimensions: Each toast is 5.5" x 5.5"
    • Weight: Each toast weighs only 2 oz"
    • Cord length: 57"
    • Compatibility: PC, Mac, Linux, any USB-enabled device that can handle 5V, 3W with 1.5M USB line.
    • Material: Cozy Cotton and Polyester, imported.

Category: Butta Toast, Tato Toast

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