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Laptop keyboards can inadvertently be the perfect personal heater for your fingertips and wrists. My laptop nearly gives me first-degree burns. While this warmth comes in handy, the rest of the hand gets the “cold shoulder.” 

That’s why we like the USB Toast Hand Warmers, to give cold hands the TLC they deserve.

With the life changing Wi-Fi revolution going on, we’re all starting to set up shop outdoors. But when colder weather sets in, it means we have to dress accordingly. Though gloves would be the natural solution to cold hands, they present a challenge when typing. The Toast Hand Warmers are the more practical solution, giving fingertips their freedom while providing heat and shelter.

There’s no better comfort food than piping hot bread, and you’ll find that there’s no better hand warmer than plush pieces of toast. Each warmer has a peaceful sleepy face as well as hands and feet sprouting out from its golden crust. You’re going to find yourself kneading a pair.