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Pearl the Boba Tea Ambient Light

If you’re someone who just can’t go past a Bubble Tea Bar without popping in, then Pearl the Boba Tea Ambient Light is for you.

For those of you at home who are intrigued by the cuteness but still confused, Boba Tea is a drink that originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. Bubble tea starts with a tea base that's combined with milk or fruit flavoring and then poured over dark pearls. The name “boba," comes from a Taiwanese slang term for the pearls.

Our pretty Pearl the Boba Tea Ambient Light isn’t filled with any milk or flavoring but she is filled with a lovely bright light.

Pearl measures approximately 5 x 3 x 3” and lights up with the help of 3 x AAA batteries. This means that she’s perfect for being brought along on all your Bubble Tea Bar pursuits. We promise she’ll be a hit wherever she goes! Pearl also automatically turns off her light after one hour in order to help prolong battery life.

Probably the best feature of all is that Pearl comes with her very own Boba Balls! These tapioca pearl substitutes roll around the bottom of the lamp merrily, only becoming visible when the light is switched on. That’s when you’re able to get the full Boba Tea experience. Shake Pearl (gently) for a makeshift maraca and watch the boba balls wiggle about.

One look at her sweet blushing face and you won’t be able to resist adding her to your growing family of cute food shaped lights.

Get it here! https://www.smokonow.com/collections/lights/products/pearl-boba-milk-tea-ambient-light


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Sandra MORIMOTO Kaneshiro
Sandra MORIMOTO Kaneshiro

September 19, 2019

So cute. Can you send me brochures or emails

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