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Meet XLB, AKA Little B. The newest character to arrive in the Smoko family.

Little B is a Xiao Long Bao otherwise known as a soup dumpling. At 4 inches wide, Little B comes in a bit larger than your average dumpling. Making him all the better at providing you with a warm glow. Filled with light, rather than minced meat, his little smiling face is sure to bring on a joyful feeling that reminds you of all the steamed dumplings you have enjoyed in the past.

In order to really replicate that soft bao feeling, Little B is made from a soft silicone material. Making him squishy enough that you will really want to check that there is no delicious food inside. Our Xiao Long Bao requires 3 x AAA batteries to shine nice and bright for you. His glow creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a romantic candlelit dinner. Except it’s just you, eating dumplings alone while watching Netflix. Little B’s friendly gaze is a comforting beacon through the darkness, uncritical as he watches you devour his edible brethren.

Little B has a one hour automatic shut off feature, allowing his little batteries to last longer in case you forget to switch him off from the small button underneath.
Bao lovers, young and old are sure to love having Little B in their lives and in their homes. His soothing light bringing joy to many, and subconsciously reminding people that they should eat more bao.

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March 17, 2019

Does it come in the basket?

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