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In the Kitchen with Smoko!

Is your kitchen the most boring place in your house? It doesn’t have to be with Smoko! We have a few awesome pieces that will really liven the place right up!

Elodie Unicorn Measuring Cups

I love to bake sweet treats at home and it’s always very helpful to have all of the ingredients you need, ready to go around you. Today I’ve been baking some delicious M&M cookies in my kitchen. I could not have done it without my Elodie Unicorn Measuring Cups! They come in the sweetest pastel colours, and all of the sizes that I need to make sure I follow the recipe correctly.

Elodie Unicorn Measuring Cups

I needed to measure out three cups of flour, one cup of sugar and half a cup of butter and it was so easy and cute to do it with Elodie!

I know these cookies would taste so good, dunked into a hot chocolate! Good thing I’ve got my Nari Narwhal Mug ready to go! This mug is giant! It would fit an entire Tall Frappuccino inside. My favourite part of my hot chocolate, is when I get to cover it in cream! You also have to spray some whipped cream straight into your mouth for good measure. It’s the rules I promise!

I managed not to eat every single M&M from my cookie mixture, so I still have some to sprinkle on top of my hot chocolate! I also added marshmallows, because every good hot chocolate ahas to have them. Then just a tiny sprinkling of cocoa! A masterpiece!

Have you seen all the cute mugs that Smoko has available? There’s unicorns, narwhals, cats and even toast! You can have an entire family of sweet Smoko mugs in your kitchen!

At the end of the day, I finally decide I should probably have some dinner and not just live off cookies and hot chocolate. (Even though that does sound pretty good.)

I love me some instant noodles! So it’s a good thing I’ve got the Elodie Unicorn Ramen Bowl to eat them out of! These bowls are so big, that I can fit all of my noodles right in the bowl without having to break them up. The lid of the bowl, is also another bowl! So depending on how generous I’m feeling, I can share my ramen with a friend! Or I can just eat double the portions out of two bowls…

Don’t forget, it’s proper dining etiquette to SLURP your ramen! Make sure you’re making a bit of noise while you do it too! Mmm so good!

Well I’m pretty full now from all of those goodies! I still have plenty of baked cookies left, so I’ll pop them into a cookie jar to eat throughout the week! (Or in the next few hours).


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