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Chill Out with Smoko

Chill out with smoko

In this fast paced world it's important to find a bit of time for self care, to chill out so that you're not worn out when the world needs you. Sometimes resting might seem like a waste of time but it's actually essential to your health!

It may seem like it can be hard to find the time to relax but there's a few simple ways to help you get started.

- Set the Mood

Did you know that diffusing certain scents and oils can be not only beneficial for your overall wellbeing, but also be incredibly calming. Certain fragrances like Lavender, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang, when diffused in a room can affect your whole mood! These scents can make you feel a lot more relaxed.

Our Elodie Unicorn Diffuser is just the thing to diffuse your favourite essential oils. Elodie also acts as a light so you can add a soft glow of light to your warm space.

Elodie Unicorn Diffuser

- A Comfy Space

Get comfortable! Grab your favourite blankets and cushions and create a space that screams (or softly whispers) relax. You want to be as cozy as possible, grab a pair of super comfy (& cute) socks like these Elodie Junk Food Socks and settle in.

Make sure you have everything ready to go before you get too comfortable though, otherwise it can be bothersome to have to keep getting up to fetch other things.

Elodie Junk Food Socks

- A Nice Cup of Tea

Take some time to brew yourself a nice pot of tea. Tea can have relaxing properties in the same way that essential oils do. Lavender and Chamomile tea are good places to start if you are after a nice tea that will relax you. But simply the ritual of preparing yourself a nice hot beverage can be calming in itself. So brew your favourite drink (maybe it's hot chocolate!) We're using the Elodie Teapot Set.

Fill the teapot carefully with boiling water and pop in a teabag. If you have loose leaf tea you will have to use a strainer. Wait a few minutes and carefully remove the tea leaves from the pot and discard. Pop back on Elodie's teapot lid and you're ready to roll. You might want to grab some cookies to go with it!

Be careful as the tea will likely be very hot! You can add milk and sugar if you like to your serving in the teacup.

- An Enjoyable Activity

You're all ready to sit down in your space of relaxation. Pick an activity that you enjoy and would like to do in your space. One that is not stressful and not an urgent matter. This is not the place for homework!

Maybe you'd like to watch a movie or a tv show. Read a book or even continue knitting that scarf you started! This is time for just you and what you want to do.

- Relax!

Now that youโ€™ve created a perfect space youโ€™re ready to settle in and chill out!

Weโ€™d love to see how you chill out with Smoko! Make sure to tag us in any snaps you take of your cozy space so we can see!

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May 02, 2018

This sounds like such a fun site. I’m def looking into that unicorn diffuser!!

xx Pia

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