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Viral Mama Celebrates Quintuplet Birth With A Beautiful Photo Shoot

im Tucci of Perth, Western Australia, made a splash on the internet last last year when she posed for a pregnancy photo shoot on the beach.

The shoot was lovely, with the rolling waves and pale sands as a backdrop, but what really struck people was that Tucci wasn’t just pregnant, she was pregnant with quintuplets!

Needless to say, carrying five tiny babies was no easy task. Just ask Marcie Dela Cruz, Kathy Somoano, orDanielle Busby, all moms of quintuplets who had to make some serious adjustments!

But just like these other moms, Tucci wouldn’t have it any other way — even when it gets super stressful. After all, having one baby is stressful enough, so just imagine five!

Tucci’s quints were born in January of this year. They are four girls, Ali, Penelope, Tiffany, and Beatrix, and one boy, Keith.

And that’s not all. Tucci also has a 9-year-old son from a previous marriage, as well as two young daughters with her current husband. That means her family went from three kids to eight all at once!

But for the Tuccis, it’s all worth it. The five tiny new members of their family are settling in, and recently, they posed for a photo shoot with their mom with photographer Erin Elizabeth Hoskins.

Check them out below and get ready to smile!

via: Daily Mail